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Organic Green Tea

Organic Green tea is the use of "organic farming" planting tea, and its products tested in line with the national organic food standards tea. Organic green tea means do not add fertilizer, using only natural fertilizer made of green tea cultivation. In contrast, metal-containing organic green tea significantly reduces the chance of chemical residues. Green tea is the drink, with heat to tired, eyesight honest buck cancer, prevent cardiovascular disease, have longevity and other health effects. Modern medical research confirmed that tea is rich in nutrients and pharmacological features, such as theophylline, catechins, amino acids, LPS, minerals and vitamins. Especially the more vitamins content. It was measured per 100 grams of green tea, vitamin C content as high as 180 mg, 7 times higher than the cabbage, bananas than 10 times higher; vitamin B1 content 6 times higher than Apple; vitamin A content 2 times higher than the eggs.
Visible, tea is a vitamin-rich beauty to share. Tea catechins, a natural antioxidant, can increase superoxide dismutase activity in favor of the role of the body to remove free radicals lipid peroxide, anti-aging benefits. The study found that catechin anti-aging effects is higher than vitamin C and vitamin E, particularly in terms of resistance and enhance the body's immunity to various bacteria has become more prominent. Therefore, regular tea drinking can reduce illness, aging, and keep people stay younger in a long time.

Green Tea Effects:
Anti-cancer effect
Green tea is not fermented tea, green tea is not substantially oxidized to retain more of the natural antioxidants, green tea will be a high antioxidant hundreds or 1000 kinds, to some extent, played anti-cancer role.

Weight loss
Drinking green tea can speed up calorie consumption, especially the consumption of fat to lose weight help.
Prevent skin disease
The researchers found that drinking four cups of green tea a day can prevent skin cancer, including EGCG and other green tea contains antioxidants, it is the major component of the effectiveness of anti-skin disease, can cause skin lesions shrink neovascularization around, so green tea has anti skin diseases.
Other effects
Overall, green tea contains catechins ingredients; carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, etc., to consume free radicals, anti-aging, cancer prevention wonders. Furthermore, it prevents cell mutations, inhibit the growth of malignant tumors, lowering blood pressure, blood fat, prevent cardiovascular disease, prevent colds, elimination of bad breath and tooth decay.



Honeysuckle since ancient times for its medicinal value widely famous, Its main effect is detoxification, attending febrile disease, fever, hot sera dysentery, ulcer boils drugs and so on. Honeysuckle detoxifications, evacuation wind-heat, cooling Zhili, lowering blood pathogenic fire, eliminate the effect of the pharynx and diaphragm. Honeysuckle tea diet has a unique function, but also inhibit and kill pathogens throat, the elderly and children, have anti-infective effect. Often taking honeysuckle decoction or soak in favor of wind, fire, red eyes, sore throat, obesity, fever and hypertension treatment and rehabilitation.



Cassia is a dry mature cassia seeds, have their eyes and the power and the name of. Fall harvest ripe fruit, dried, lay the seeds, and remove impurities. Cassia is bitter, sweet, salty, slightly cold, hepatic, kidney, large intestine; laxative, lowering eyesight, treatment of constipation and high cholesterol, high blood pressure. Also, Cassia can treat Liver eyesight, diuresis laxative, laxative effect, and lowering blood pressure and blood cholesterol. Cassia soaked behalf of the tea; it is the party of elderly care. In 10g ~ 20g home the cup, water immersion, yellow fragrance, taste joys, distinctive flavor. Hypertension and habitual constipation try. Cup cassia seed tea; maybe bring you health and happiness.


Lotus leaf

Lotus leaf tea contains a variety of effective fat alkaloids; can effectively break down body fat, and a strong body. Nuciferine clouds can be tough on the body of the intestinal wall, forming a layer of fat isolation membrane, prevent fat absorption, and prevent fat accumulation. You can improve the greasy eating habits, having a strong oil rejection effect so that you gradually Hunxing greasy food aversion. It has excellent anti-obesity and excellent lipid-lowering health care.



Gynostemma soaked help lower blood pressure, blood fat, lowering blood sugar, anti-allergic, anti-cancer, protect the liver, is a very good tea. Gynostemma tea is good for human body benefit. Many nutrients it contains a health care function, long-term drinking, basically without any side effects. Gynostemma is a health cares products, Spleen prevention, longevity, uneasiness of mind, eliminate toxins, is the ideal gift to share the elderly. Gynostemma water to drink not only throat, but also has detoxification, cough and phlegm role for the treatment of chronic bronchitis, chronic gastroenteritis and other diseases.



Hawthorn is rich in nutrients and high medicinal value, known as hawthorn taking advantage is increased appetite, and can also improve sleep quality very good, and also with the prevention of atherosclerosis, the role can be a good promotion Healthy body. Modern medical study found that hawthorn contains a name called flavonoids active substance, this substance can be a good prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. After this substance into the body can be a good expansion of vessel size, and vascular vitality get a good improvement. Therefore, a lot of blood flow increases, so blood pressure and cholesterol values will drop. It makes the body naturally more robust.



Senna prevents dry stool, dry mouth, bad breath, hot naked face, scanty dark urine, upset, abdominal fullness or pain embolism. Ketones containing dimeric anthracene and flavonoids, have negatively Daozhi role for diet constipation. With senna treatment of acute gastroduodenal bleeding, also has a good effect.



Chinese medicine commonly used in Dryness cough, weakness, intestinal dry constipation, mouth sores, water and fire burns, epigastric pain, may also be the solution aconite, aconite poison. Honey contains fructose, glucose, enzymes, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Eat can prevent anemia, heart disease, gastrointestinal diseases, etc., and can enhance human immunity.

Simple sugars: glucose and fructose can be directly absorbed into the body digestion.

Enzymes: enzymes can promote the body's digestion and absorption of various substances.

Acetylcholine: Fatigues, nervous excitement, improve memory.

Flavonoids: antioxidant, improve immunity.

Honey = human serum
Honey is a natural nutritional food is widely recognized. Tests showed that honey contains a variety of human serum concentrations similar to inorganic salts, such as iron, calcium, copper, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, etc., as well as a variety of vitamins and organic acids, honey is therefore known as the "king of serum".

Honey contains pollen grains, often drink honey and pollen allergy will have some resistance: honey contains a very small amount of toxic fluids - bee venom, there are some anti-allergic effects, often used in clinical bronchitis, the treatment of asthma and other allergic diseases. Eat a spoonful of honey every day; you can stay away from asthma, itching and other allergic symptoms.


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