What is Prime Cuppa?
Prime Cuppa is a detoxifying tea blend of certified organic herbs which are formulated to enhance your weight management program as part of a healthy diet and exercise regimen. 28 Days Tea Package.

What is in Prime Cuppa?
Ingredients: Organic Green Tea, Honeysuckle, Cassia, Lotus Leaf, Gynostemma, Hawthorn, Senna, Honey Powder.


  1. When will I expect to receive my package?
    Packages being delivered in the United States will take about 5-10 business days to arrive. For international orders, will take about 15-40 business days to arrive
  2. What mailing company do you send your packages through?
    We ship all Prime Cuppa packages through the United States Postal Service (USPS). We ship through regular shipping.
  3. Is there a shipping cost?
    The United States Postal Service (USPS) shipping costs for the US is FREE and international orders will charge about $10.00.
  4. Why isn’t the tracking link working once I receive an email confirmation on the order?
    All orders will be sent to the USPS facility during business hours where they will be scanned and process for shipping. Tracking will be available in 24-48 hours after processing.
  5. Can Prime Cuppa email me the tracking link to my order and inform me of its status location?
    Prime Cuppa can email you the tracking link to your order and will inform you the order’s last status, date, and location it was process.

Shipping Issues

  1. I still have not received my package, what do I do?
    Prime Cuppa will inform you of your package’s last location on the tracking system and give you the tracking link through email. Contact your Post Office and give them the tracking number to your order to locate your package.
  2. The tracking states it has been “Delivered” but have not received it yet. What do I do?
    Contact your Post Office and give them the tracking number to your order to locate your package. USPS can hold packages for 30 days in their facility if they were unable to deliver package to the receiver during time of delivery and becomes unclaimed. Contact your Post Office for they may have it on hold for you to pick it. If it’s past the 30-day mark then USPS will resend the package back to Prime Cuppa as unclaimed.
  3. Post Office does not have my package. What do I do?
    Contact Prime Cuppa and we will look further into the issue. We may resend your order after verification that the shipping address is correct or do a full refund

Prime Cuppa Orders and Addresses

  1. Once I have placed my order through Prime Cuppa website, how do I know you have received it?
    You may email us and ask if we have received your order. Please give us about 24 –48 hours to process your order for shipping.
  2. I have not received an email confirmation on my order after placing the order through Prime Cuppa?
    Once you have placed your order we will receive the order information in our systems. Email confirmations will be sent out once we have printed the shipping label for the product and begin packaging. 24-48 hours to process orders for shipping.
  3. Can I change my shipping address after placing my order?
    Yes we can. Please email Prime Cuppa as soon as possible about the change in shipping address so we may change it before processing orders for shipping.
  4. Can I change the shipping address after USPS has processed and shipped my order out?
    We are unable to change the shipping address once it has been packaged and process through USPS shipping facility.
  5. Can I cancel my order?
    We can only cancel orders before processing. Please email Prime Cuppa as soon as possible about the cancellation of your order. Once we have cancel the order then we can fully refund your payment through PayPal.
  6. What if I accidentally placed two orders, can I cancel one and have the other be shipped to me?
    Yes we can cancel and refund one order and have the other order process for shipping. Please contact Prime Cuppa as soon as possible about the cancellation of your order.
  7. What if I order a 28-day tea detox bag but I decided I want instead the 14-day tea detox bag. Can I change my order?
    We can change your order from a 28-day bag to a 14-day bag before processing. We will refund half the payment back through PayPal.
  8. What if I order a 14-day tea detox bag but I decided I want instead the 28-day tea detox bag. Can I change my order?
    We can change your order from a 14-day bag to a 28-day bag before processing. Please send the other half of payment for the 28-day tea detox bag through PayPal. Send payment to primecuppa@gmail.com. Once we have received the other half payment for the 28-day tea bag then we can process your new order for shipping.

Tea Information

  1. What ingredients are in the Prime Cuppa?
    Organic Green Tea, Honeysuckle, Cassia, Lotus Leaf, Gynostemma, Hawthorn, Senna, Honey Powder, Lemon Juice, Matcha Green Tea
  2. Can I find more information on each individual ingredient in the tea?
    Additional information on the individual ingredients can be found in
  3. Will I lose weight?
    Weight loss results may vary from person to person.
  4. Where are the ingredients from?
    All ingredients are sourced from certified organic suppliers
  5. Does the tea come in loose tea or in individual tea bags?
    Fit Tea product product comes in individual portioned teabags.

Health, Effects, and Medical Information

  1. What are the side effects of Prime Cuppa?
    Prime Cuppa is made from natural ingredients, however everybody is different and therefore can react differently to these ingredients. Please check the ingredients if you have allergies. If you experience any effects, please consult your medical professional.
  2. I have a medical question or medical issue.
    You must not rely on the information on http://www.Primecuppa.com as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare providers. If you have any specific questions about any medical matter you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider. If you think you may be suffering from any medical condition you should seek immediate medical attention.
  3. Will I lose weight?
    Weight loss results may vary from person to person.

Age and Under-Age Purchases

  1. What the age limit for Prime Cuppa?
    Prime Cuppa age limit is age 13 and up. If you are under the age of 18 please assist parental permission to use this product, purchase, and guidance throughout.
  2. How old you have to be to order Prime Cuppa?
    All payments are done through PayPal for Prime Cuppa orders. PayPal policy state you must be age 18 years or older to be able to make a account, make purchases with the use of a debit or credit card as the authorized user, and accept the terms of PayPal.
  3. What if you’re under the age 13?
    For the safety of your health that you do not use our Prime Cuppa product by any means with or without parental consent.
  4. What if my daughter or son places an order using my debit or credit card and made payment without my consent?
    We are not responsible for the actions of children if they choose to use his/her parent’s card and PayPal account without consent. Prime Cuppa and PayPal cannot verify under-age users using parental accounts and cards for payments and orders. Please contact Prime Cuppa about the issue so we may cancel and refund your payment. If we have already sent out the order for shipping, please resend the package back following the Prime Cuppa Return Policy to begin the refunding process.

Weight Loss & Prime Cuppa

  1. Will I lose weight?
    Weight loss results may vary from person to person.
  2. Can I stop taking the tea at any time?
    Yes, you can stop taking the Prime Cuppa any time
  3. How long can I take the Prime Cuppa product?
    You can use the Prime Cuppa product as long as you want to lose weight or maintain weight
  4. Is there an expiration date on the Prime Cuppa product?
    There is no expiration date for the tea.
  5. What can I do to achieve better results?
    Visit the Direction for tips on how to get better results. Drink Prime Cuppa Detox - 1 cup a day for best results, Stay hydrated with plenty of water, Exercise regularly 3-5 times per week, Eat healthy, balanced meals, and Repeat
  6. If I choose to stop drinking the Prime Cuppa, how do I continue in maintaining my current weight without gaining back?
    We suggest that you keep your body active and continue exercising and eating healthy meals.
  7. Can I go back in taking the Prime Cuppa at any time?
    You can choose to go back in drinking the Prime Cuppa at any time and order more through our Prime Cuppa website.

Prepare the Tea

  1. When do I drink the tea? Daily?
    Drink the tea every morning with or without breakfast daily
  2. How do I make the tea?
    Place 1 teabag (2 grams) in to a cup of near boiling water for 3-5 minutes. Remove strainer and enjoy. (Cold or Hot). Visit the Direction Pages for more information
  3. Can I add flavor to the tea?
    Adding honey or lemon will help make the tea taste better.
  4. Does the tea contain caffeine?
    Yes, the Prime Cuppa does contain caffeine due to some of the ingredients. The caffeine is measured to one cup of coffee


  1. Do I have to make an account with PayPal to purchase Prime Cuppa?
    Yes, all payment transactions are done through PayPal. PayPal is used for transactions, order information, refund transactions, and records on purchases for Prime Cuppa and PayPal Company.
  2. I have an issue or error on PayPal, what do I do?
    Please contact PayPal for any issues or errors that appear through their systems. Prime Cuppa has no authority to fix or resolve any issues on PayPal accounts. Fit Tea can only check if your payment has transfer completely to our Prime Cuppa account for orders.

International Shipping

  1. Can Prime Cuppa ship international orders outside the US?
    Yes, we can ship international orders.
  2. How long does it take for international orders arrive?
    International orders can take up to 15-40 business days to arrive
  3. Is there an international shipping cost?
    We ship through the United States Postal Service (USPS), which charges international shipping.