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New Year’s Festal Cheer

by The Daily Tea Team December 29, 2014

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Behind the Brew: Hawthorn

by Anne-Marie Hardie December 28, 2014

Laden with British and Gaelic folklore, this cousin of the rose family has often been used as hedges to keep out unwanted guests (wild and otherwise). The literal translation of hawthorn name means thorny hedge, which is befitting for this deciduous shrub. However; both the berries and leaves bring forth a bounty of benefits both for [...]

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Tea A-Z Featuring “K”

by Anne-Marie Hardie December 27, 2014

Tea terminology can be mind-bogglingly complex. Which is why The Daily Tea is bringing you Tea A-Z, a guide to deciphering both common and completely bewildering concepts from the world of tea. Let’s dive in! Kandy Kandy, the ancient capital of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) is believed to be the birthplace of Sri Lankan tea production. [...]

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