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By Steven Li on 2007-01-22

by Steven Li January 22, 2007

I’ve been back at school for more than a week now, but while I’m pretty good at being in denial, I guess we have to face reality soon enough. Today, I didn’t start classes until 1PM so spent all morning cleaning my room. I made my bed, put away my books, made a wall calendar….annnnnd….I Continue Reading
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OnJin’s Cafe

by Steven Li January 20, 2007

I’d love to be one of those ladies who lunch. You know. Those ladies. The ones who dine at Neiman’s Mariposa or Pineapple Room all the time because they never have to work. In fact they eat there sooo much that Mariposa’s popovers with lilikoi butter are no longer a treat but an expectation. They Continue Reading
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By Steven Li on 2007-01-19

by Steven Li January 19, 2007

Here’s to the power of words:After readings THIS article in yesterday’s Honolulu Advertiser, I could not stop thinking about Panda Express all night and all morning. I don’t know why, it just happened to be one of those articles that get stuck in your mind. It also brought back memories of trips to the mall Continue Reading
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