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Xanadu – Classic Oolong

May 10, 2007


I’m currently finishing up my first cup of Xanadu’s Classic Oolong. The tea room here at work stocks all the Xanadu loose teas, and I’m slowly trying each one as my tolerance for caffeine will allow. Here’s the description from their site:

Xanadu Logo.jpg

Classic Oolong (Medium Oolong Tea): Formosa’s long tradition of creating elegant and splendid oolongs continues, although exquisite teas of this caliber are not widely available in America. Medium flavor strength, this amber colored tea offers a subtle, delicate note of fresh, ripened fruit.

I let it steep for only a minute, and had a nice deep amber liquor. The aroma and the last remaining note on the palate is definitely dark and fruity, bringing to mind ripe apricot and fig. The body became fuller as it cooled, and I enjoyed the last half of my cup so much more.

I am still in the beginning stages of really recognizing and appreciating oolong, and I give this a thumbs-up. I wouldn’t mind giving it the gongfu treatment just to see how it plays out.

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