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World Tea Expo 2011

August 01, 2011


My article on this year’s World Tea Expo has been published on the English Tea Store Blog. Here’s an excerpt:

One highlight among the vast sea of exhibitors on the Expo floor was the Taiwan Pavilion, where Thomas Shu and his wife Josephine Pan [of ABC Tea] hosted tastings and demonstrations. They were aided by their compatriots in the Taiwanese tea industry and at one of the tastings I attended, by Bill Waddington of Tea Source, who waxed poetically about the special Taiwanese varietal developed in Taiwan in the ’80s named Ruby18. A few lucky visitors to the booth were also given the rare opportunity to hear Thomas Shu sing Hakka songs during the course of his presentations, one of which was about Baozhong (Pouchong).

The photo below shows Sunny Tang brewing oolong at the Taiwan Pavilion during this year’s Expo.

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