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The Mysteries of Chai Tea Revealed

May 30, 2007


A reader asked us what Chai is and so we wanted to take the time to respond.  The easiest definition of Chai is spiced milk tea.  Chai originated in the East.  It is typically a blend of rich black tea, ginger, cardamom, cloves, peppercorn, nutmeg and cinnamon.  It may also be made with green tea.  Spices and sweeteners may vary based on preference.  Vanilla is one common alternative flavor, for instance.

Although there are several methods to prepare Chai, the most popular seems to be as follows: Take your favorite Chai tea mixture, add hot water, milk and honey.  Simmer for a few minutes, then strain (in the case of loose tea) and serve.

Now, how many of you hesitate to talk about how much you love Chai as an alternative to morning coffee or an irresistible beverage any time of day just because you are not exactly sure how to pronounce it?  Is it “ch I” or “k I?” 

The answer is: ch I.   In fact, Chai is actually the word for tea in many languages. 
Bigelow Tea offers Chai for every palette:  Spiced Chai, Vanilla Chai, Green Tea Chai and Decaf Spiced Chai.  Go to www.BigelowTea.com to check it out.

For more information about Chai, go here and here.

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