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The Mini-est Mini French Toast Ever

December 27, 2005


Happy 2006 everyone!
Sorry about not posting for such a long time. Our family just moved from Hawaii Kai to the Kaimuki area and we’ve been incredibly busy moving things back and forth (apparently no moving company is willing to work on Christmas Eve or Day :)) and doing some fixups on the home. I also spent the past few days in bed doing absolutely nothing due to a case of allergies gone really bad. But now all (or most at least) is better and even though I am without internet connection – it will take a lot more to stop me from eating!

Shann and I met up for light dinner/snack at Ginza Kimuraya in Kahala Mall last Friday. We were not very hungry so decided some tea time treats would be good. Ginza Kimuraya is a Japanese bakery and their Kahala Mall location is the first in the US. Their product line is similar to Saint Germain (with prices to match!), however their pastries appear much more delicate and refined. Here’s a shot of their matcha cream and red bean cakes. They also have a wide range of different an pans (sold out by the time we came) and just recently introduced a line of matcha products. In addition to the self serve bakery counter there’s a full service sit down area. You can order complete dinners (menu centers around Japanese-Italian fusion food) or small snacks “sets”.
I had the French Toast Set ($5.00). The picture on the menu showed 4 large slices of french toast beautifully arranged on a white plate. So imagine my surprise when the waiter carried out a huge white plate with four of the tiniest slices of toast I’ve ever seen in my life! We sat there for a full 10 minutes laughing in disbelief. They must have been a full square inch each! I think they took a singe slice of bread, cut off the crust and then cut it into four pieces. Oh man. Well aside from that fact it was very good. There was not need for butter or syrup as there was plenty of flavor in the toast. It was almost like the bread was buttered, lightly dipped in the batter then brushed with syrup before being fried. Mmm. I only wish there was more :) The toast was served with a side of tsubushian (mashed sweetened red beans) and whipped cream.
Shann had the Pastry Set ($5.00). Our server brought out a tray of pastries for her to pick from (this was basically anything that was left on the bakery side of the shop). Shann chose the chocolate croissant and the blueberry custard tart. I don’t know why they called it a tart because it was croissant dough rolled up, topped with a little custard and some blueberries. I’ll never understand the Japanese (though I love their food!) Both pastries were on the dry side and though they were flaky, there wasn’t enough dough, or as Robyn would say, “soft innards” to make it an above average pastry.

Both “Sets” come with your choice of coffee or tea. This certainly was a “delicate” meal. I left very hungry and had a complete dinner at grandma’s later on in the evening. But I really did enjoy the french toast. Maybe this is the part where someone should go – “it’s quality over quantity!” Perhaps we can have high quality but also enough quantity? At least enough to make us full? LOL. Either way, I’ll still go back to Ginza, maybe not to dine in but definitely to pick up my baguettes and brioche!

Ginza Kimuraya Kahala Mall Honolulu, Hawaii 96816 (808) 735-9600

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