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Tea Review: Teaopia’s Love Spell

June 24, 2011


Love Spellby Teaopia

Romantic. Invigorating. Fantasy

My top three words to describe this pot of green tea. Steep this tea with a loved one. Enjoy the invigorating taste. & escape to your fantasy. Love Spell is a mixture of papaya chunks, coconut chips, red sugar hearts, pineapple bits, safflower petals, and fruit flavours. The appearance of the tea is simple with a hint of love from it’s heart shaped red sugar.

In my opinion, how a tea smells will let you know how it will taste. When opening the package for the first time there was a blissful scent escaping. I thought right away that this tea would be an exciting experience for the much needed taste I desired. I’ll admit, I thought it smelled a lot better than the actually taste itself, but I was still amazed at this lovely green tea combination.

To prepare the tea, I steeped the loose tea leaves directly in warm water for about 3 minutes in my Tea Masteralso from Teaopia. I feel this allowed the leaves to release more flavours and give a richer blend. Typically, green tea is drank with nothing extra added into it. Love spell has the perfect sweetness already because of the sugar hearts that cast a spell for you to fall in love with the tropical beverage. A bonus feature for this tea is that if a hot drink loses its appeal for you during the hot summer season, this one would be delightful chilled over some ice with a few slices of fresh fruit floating in the pitcher.

I seem to feel like my afternoon yesterday became a bit better after indulging in some love spell. It had the perfect hint of energy to provide the consumer with it’s fruity flavours. Drinking the tea helps you sit back and think of a hot vacation getaway on a Caribbean island. A perfect time to daydream and visit your fantasy place. Only to step back into reality after the last drop in your teacup.

Verdict: 3.5 out of 5 tea leaves

*If you would like to order some, click the image above to direct you to Teaopia’s website.
**If you or someone you know would like a tea reviewed, contact me.

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