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Tea Review: Tea of the People’s Dragon Well Acai x Goji

December 22, 2014


“Born with an activist spirit and a loft mission, Tea of the People set out to create a revolutionary cup of tea. Our innovative teas are handcrafted with meticulously produced ingredients containing unmatched health benefits. Whether it’s blending Goji berries with Dragon Well, the most antioxidant-rich green tea there is, or barrel aging teas like fine wine, our innovative teas are always made with a higher purpose: to make the world a better place. When you drink Tea of the People—you empower the people!” This is a green tea blend from them you should look for. acai_e37488dc-db8f-4a8c-881a-7f60426e7ece_1024x1024

Ingredients:Green tea, Goji berries, Hibiscus, Apple pieces, Elderberry, Banana pieces, Rosehip, Strawberry pieces, Acai powder, Natural flavours

Steep Time: 2 minutes

First Sip Thought: “So light & pink.”

Smell:No doubt that this tea has a strong fruity scent before steeping and those properties are still lingering even after you have steeped a lovely pink shade cup. The strawberries are a nice touch to the already beautiful aroma of the hibiscus, rosehips and goji berries.

Taste:This dragon well tea is very light with a smooth texture. The flavour also has just the right amount of vegetal character.  In addition to being absolutely delicious, this tea is packed with nutrient ingredients.  It really adds to the “feel good” quality of a tea. It is without a doubt that the acai and goji are the stars in this dragon well green tea. Tea of the People express that the Brazilian super fruit, Acai, is rich in vitamins A and C, iron, calcium, antioxidants, and fiber. Grown in the Himalayas, the goji berry super fruit is packed with antioxidants, iron, zinc and essential fatty acids. The other big plus is that Tea of the People includes high quality ingredients in their blends. As seen in the image above, there is a full handful of actual goji berries that add to this incredible tea. Usually when you see in ingredient listed in a blend you can often find that it is just a “flavouring” that is added for the taste or essence. That is never the case with Tea of the People’s blends. The leaves from this tea are great for multiple infusions with little loss of the liquor’s quality.


Verdict: 4 out of 5 tea leaves

*Interested in this tea? You can find it online here.

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