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Tea Review: Tea Bean’s White Coffee Infusion

June 03, 2011


White Coffee Infusionby Olympic Figure Skater Craig Buntin
I was so excited when this tea arrived in my mail box. It was a great way to start off the morning for my last day of my second year of College!
Are you looking for a way to stay up and feel inspired throughout the night and day? Are you looking for a healthy way to do so? Look no further. I think this tea idea is absolutely brilliant. It’s the perfect warm cup of tea and will definitely attract a wide range of consumers – Coffee & tea lovers. I prepared my tea with no milk or sugar and it was a nice soothing beverage that easily slid down my throat.
When you first open the package, it smells delectable. The innovative transparent pyramid tea bag offers the largest volume for the tea to unfurl releasing it’s rich, smooth flavor. My boyfriend tried some too and is currently off to purchase some online because of how natural the taste is. We’re both big fans.
It is definitely a perfect cup of tea for sitting down and having a deep conversation.
Verdit: 4 out of 5 tea leaves
Follow on Twitter: @teabean_white
Website to order: www.teabeancoffee.com 

*If you or someone you know would like a tea reviewed please contact me to set something up. Thanks!

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