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tea party tip #1

July 11, 2011


Elegance coming your way through a party dedicated to the world’s most consumed beverage – tea. You never need a reason to host your own tea party. If you just feel like getting dolled up and staying in with some good friends and family members, this is the ideal party format. This week we’ll be featuring several posts with a variety of well needed tea party tips.
TIP #1: 
When planning a tea party the first thing you must contemplate about is the theme you plan to have incorporated. The theme I’m going to work with today is vintage summer picnic. Perfect for this time of the year, and it’s my personal favourite for some outdoor fun! 
Other neat theme ideas:
– Fall Harvest
– Spring Floral
– Winter Spice
– Christmas
– Cup of Gratitude
– Colour your Wonder
– Valentine Tea or Two
*Be sure to check back tomorrow for Tip #2!

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