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Tea Meditation: Finding inner peace inside your teacup

September 07, 2014


Have you stopped for your Tea Meditation today? If you were
to ask me this question a few years ago I would have laughed and shrugged it
off. Meditating with something I drink on a daily basis? How? What? The thing
is, most people are doing it and not even realizing it. Keep reading to see if
that is you and if it is, do not stop reading, as there will be more tips on
how to better your tea meditation for next time.
Thich Nhat Hanh has a practice of tea
, where you pick
up your tea, breathe it in, and bring your mind back to your body. You
must be completely awake in the present to enjoy tea. At times, when we are
drinking tea, whether it is alone or with others, we are not fully aware of the
cup or even our friends sitting there. It is said, and proved, that just to
enjoy tea is enough for happiness. As a beverage that is typically advertised
with many health benefits such as calming effects, tea meditation can be a
practice for many and it’s a lot simpler than it may seem.

Pick out a teacup, whichever one calls to you, and set it
down mindfully. Step aside and select the tea you wish to brew. Grab your
kettle and pour fresh water in it (tea should always be made with fresh water
for better quality). Bring the kettle to a boil. As you wait for the water to boil, sit and practice a short breathing meditation.
Listening to the faint whistles of your kettle, inhale and exhale until it is
time to turn the kettle off. Depending on the type of tea, and since you’re
technically not supposed to use boiled water on tea leaves, rest with the
kettle to the side to let the water cool for a bit. Use this time to cool your
mind as well. Inhale. Exhale. Feel the steam from the kettle around you.
Inhale. Exhale. 

With your full
attention, place the tea you selected into the teacup you were drawn to. Pour
the heated water over your tea bag or tealeaves. While you allow it to steep
for the duration recommended sit beside your teacup and simply follow your
breath, noticing where you are in this exact moment.

When your cup of tea
has finished brewing, indulge in it while a tea drinking exercise
from Thich Nhat Hanh. You can find it here. Always remember that
the process of tea
meditation is nothing more than letting yourself concentrate on one thing at a

Lu Ann

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