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Taim, Kom Tang, Magnolia & Tiny’s

August 29, 2007


Okay, so I’m going stop talking about how happy I am to have found and moved into our new apartment in less than a week, and go back to the focus of this blog: food. So…FOOD!

For lunch yesterday, I stopped into Taim in the West Village. It seems like forever since I’ve had a falafel, as they are not easy to come across in Hawaii! The falafels come in three flavors: Green (traditional, with parsley, cilantro, and mint), Red (with roasted red pepper) and Harissa (with tunisian spices).

They were doing fairly brisk business during a late lunch hour, and though the place was very tiny, it didn’t feel the least bit cramped.

After a quick debate, I ended up going the red falafel, (though it would have been cool to have a whole mix of all three falafels in my pita)! Since the weather was so nice, I decided to eat on the bench right outside. I like sitting outside in the west village, cause it’s so much quieter than other parts of the city. Lots of trees, people walking dogs, babies on strollers, it’s cool, calm, and seems to be a world of it’s own.

I thought you might be curious as to what the innards of the falafel looks like! My gosh, this was an insanely good falafel. Like REALLY GOOD! It’s like you bite it, and…whoaaaa, what did I just eat? And then you bite it again, and it’s like…wooooowwwww. Crisp little falafels were nearly bouncy light with moist red pepper dotted innards. Not a touch of grease. The toasted whole wheat pita (in place of white) was definitely thicker and more hearty than other places, smears of creamy thick hummus, tahini, and a mix of tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, held everything in place. It was beautiful. Whereas a falafel at Mamoun’s is more of a snack, this one was a full on meal that makes you perfectly full, but far from overstuffed. I’m coming back for sure.

After Taim, the rest of the afternoon was spent signing leases with the Broker, trying to convince my mom that we’re weren’t being swindled or conned, even though the leases were signed in the broker’s bedroom, where she demanded $400 cash on the spot. Precisely, she said, “gimme da money.” Nice lady, but takes a bit of getting used to! We had dinner at Kom Tang on 32nd Street.

I didn’t have a particular Korean restaurant in mind, so Shann and I browsed a few menus, and decided this would be a suitable place. We split the dolsot bibimbop and a tofu squash soup. For the last few evenings we’ve been having rice with every dinner meal. Kind of like comfort food. We spend the whole day running around here and there, in panic I-need-to-move-in-an-apt-asap mood, and by dinnertime, I’m tired beyond words, and could really use a hot bowl of rice. Well, a hot bowl of crispy rice in this case!

I ended up enjoying the bibimbop much more than the soup…must be cause I ate too many bowls of soft tofu soup while I was at Claremont! Oh! I forgot to tell you about the banchan. Well it was ordinary. So ordinary that I’m not even going to post a picture of it! Kimchee, cucumbers, broccoli, bean sprouts, and a mayo laden mix of cubed apples, peas, and potatoes, hehe. We were given cut oranges following our meal…but that’s not really dessert, is it?

Which explains why we took the train back down to the village in search of dessert. It was late, and the places we had in mind, such as Build a Green Bakery and Milk & Cookies, were already closed :( So we walked and walked, until we ended up at Magnolia’s of all places. I think their cupcakes are sort of junky. But I do love their banana pudding, and I really love their chocolate icebox cake. However because I was in an especially cookie/cakey mood, I decided on this flourless chocolate cake. We took it back to the hotel and enjoyed a midnight showing of Law & Order with the cake, now what a good way to end the day! Dusted with a light coating of powdered sugar, the cake was all fudgey, super melt in your mouth-y and surprisingly not too sweet.

After picking up the keys to our new home this afternoon, we tested them on the front door/mailbox, etc, and strolled down to Tiny’s on Rivington for a late lunch. My eating schedule has been really out of whack recently. Lunch at 4pm, dinner at 9, dessert at 12…and a whole lot inbetween. The sandwiches here are priced extremely well, this veggie meatball on brioche was only $3.50! The ‘meatballs’ themselves were tasteless, like someone forgot to season it, but the generous layer of pesto spread across the bottom bun surely made up for it!

Shann’s cobb sandwich was served hot on a sesame spotted semolina with slices of grilled chicken, bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato and blue cheese dressing. She ate it all. So it was good. Okay…gotta run, off to buy cleaning supplies for the apartment! :)

222 Waverly Place
NY, NY 10014
(212) 691-1287

Tiny’s Giant Sandwiches
129 Rivington St
New York, NY 10002
(212) 982-1690

Magnolia Bakery
401 Bleecker St
NY, NY 10014
(212) 462-2572

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