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WuyiOrigin’s Jinjunmei Hongcha Black Tea [Episode 327]

by James August 13, 2019

Sorry for the incorrect title card. This episode, Denny and I drink a stellar Hongcha from Cindy at WuyiOrigin. Thank you Cindy. This tea is subtle, nuanced, with a lot of complexity and highly enjoyable. https://www.wuyiorigin.com/
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WuyiOrigin Baijiguan Wuyi Oolong [Episode 323]

by James July 16, 2019

This episode, Denny and I drink one of the four famous bushes of Yancha from Wuyi Origin and is usually processed and made on the greener end. This tea is aromatic, well-balanced and very enjoyable. https://www.wuyiorigin.com/
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2016 WuyiOrigin Laocong Shuixian [Inbetweenisode 204]

by James June 27, 2019

This episode, James is joined by old friend “five kilo” Meet. We drink some of Meet’s favorite type of tea, Yancha, and talk about both the tea and where his five kilos have gone.
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