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2013 Gongmei White Tea from White2Tea [Episode 317]

by James June 04, 2019

This episode, Denny and I drink a semi-aged Gongmei (white tea) from White2Tea. The tea is still on the lighter, floral and fluffy end and great for this time of year.
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Compressed Teas and Tisanes Beyond Pu’er – Part 1

by John Bickel March 25, 2019

This subject is familiar to most related to sheng and shu pu’er: Both have long since been pressed into cakes (bings), tuochas (dented ball shapes, kind of), bricks, “dragonballs,” coins, and other shapes.  This will focus on scope outside of pu’er, since those are more commonly encountered. The common understanding … Continue reading →

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Nuances of Tea Classification

by Tony Gebely February 20, 2019

What is a Tea Processing Chart? What is a tea processing chart? A tea processing chart refers to a chart that shows the processing steps that different tea types go through after being plucked and before they reach your cup as a means of tea classification. Tea processing charts have been essential items in the [...]
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