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Thailand | Phulay Bay, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve

by Steven Li October 13, 2014

Down in southern Thailand is a town called Krabi… …and on the west side of Krabi is a place called Phulay Bay. It’s the very first Ritz-Carlton Reserve property (the second is Dorado Beach, and a bunch more are coming next year). The villas are gigantic, and each bed could easily fit five. And though it’s Continue Reading
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Thailand | Twinings Tea Boutique

by Steven Li August 31, 2014

Found in Bangkok… …a location of Twinings Tea Boutique.  Table for one, please! This is Gunpowder Frosted…aka gunpowder tea brewed double strength and blended with ice and sugar. It’s topped with housemade plum jelly and served in a giant glass ^-^
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Thailand | Paresa in Phuket

by Steven Li August 28, 2014

Snapshots from late summer days (and nights) at Paresa in Phuket. Let’s wake up early… …for a morning bubble bath… …before breakfast. One coconut…followed by dragon fruit, kuay tiew, and toast slathered with pandan custard. We’ll walk it off with a stroll around the property… …which overlooks the Andaman Sea. The beach is a five-minute drive Continue Reading
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