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My Tea Blending Experience: Chocolate Orange Cannoli Black Tea

by Lu Ann Pannunzio December 07, 2019

Chocolate Orange Cannoli Black Tea

It was back in July (a few weeks after I became Amoda Tea’s new Tea Curator) when Tegan told me that she would love to work something out with Anne of 52Teas to create custom blends for Amoda’s December box. Their December box is the most anticipated one of the year as it’s filled with festive, premium blends. Fortunately, we were able to work out a schedule with Anne so she could create, taste and blend 6 great holiday teas in small batches. I even worked closely with Anne to create a blend from one of my ideas! I have a lot more experience drinking blends than making them, so it was interesting to see more of the “behind-the-scenes” of 52Teas’ art!

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2020 Tea Lovers Calendar – Available Now!

by Lu Ann Pannunzio October 23, 2019

If you have been a subscriber of this blog for a while you might be familiar with the tea themed year calendarI send out every year. I love designing that printable and highlighting fun tea dates so that fellow tea lovers can stay in the loop as the new year goes on. Originally, I started that small year calendar from the idea I had years ago to create a tea lovers calendar. I love wall calendars and usually will find some with tea related photos to display every month of the year. This time around I’m doing something different! I’m excited to announce the launch of my very own Tea Lovers Calendar that is filled with beautiful tea photos and so much more.

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Craft Chocolate and Tea Pairing with Kekao Box

by Lu Ann Pannunzio October 17, 2019

chocolate and tea

The idea of tea arriving at my door step through a subscription service has always been exciting. Recently I had something almost more exciting come to my door….a chocolate subscription box! Similar to a tea subscription, this box arrived with a selection of chocolate bars from makers all over the world to discover. I was gifted a Kekao Boxand it blew me away! My box consisted of 5 premium specialty crafted dark chocolate bars and I immediately had to steep some teas and get pairing. Chocolate and tea pairings allow you to experience more flavours from both. For best results, using both high quality tea and high quality chocolate is recommended. Luckily, that was all I found in the Kekao monthly chocolate box.

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