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How to Make Green Tea Salt, 2 Ways

by Lu Ann Pannunzio August 22, 2019

green tea salt

Get ready to sprinkle green tea salt on almost everything! Making your own green tea salt blend is very simple. It requires just 2 ingredients and only 1 step that will take a minute, maybe even seconds. Green tea salt is a nice way to add unique flavours to a plethora of dishes and treats. It’s an easy way to begin cooking with tea, too. The two tea salt blends I like to make often are matcha salt and hojicha salt. If you have either of those Japanese green teas and coarse salt on hand, then I suggest heading over to your kitchen right now!

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Iced Hojicha Latte

by Lu Ann Pannunzio July 18, 2019

Now that I’ve shared my iced matcha latte obsession, it’s time to share the other tea that I often make as an iced latte. It’s another Japanese green tea, hojicha, however it’s brown in colour because the leaves are roasted in high temperatures. Doesn’t a roasted green tea latte sound delicious? Hojicha is also naturally low in caffeine so unlike matcha you can enjoy this drink in the evening, too! The way I make an iced hojicha latte is very similar to my iced matcha latte recipe simply because I use hojicha powder, and not loose leaf. Like matcha, hojicha powder is made by taking the tea leaves and grinding them up until a fine powder forms. Therefore, you’re ingesting the entire leaves with this iced hojicha latte recipe.

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Iced Matcha Latte

by Lu Ann Pannunzio June 24, 2019

Get ready matcha lovers! Here comes your favourite way to enjoy the green tea powder this summer. You no longer need to wait in line for an overly sweet Starbucks iced matcha latte. Making it at home has never been easier and you can save yourself a few bucks, too. All you need is your favourite matcha (good quality is key), cold water, milk and, of course, ice. An iced matcha latte is refreshing, creamy and since you’re making it yourself, you can control the sweetness. Wake up and start your morning with this chilled pick me up, or take it on the go to help power through the day. Here is how to quickly “shake” up an iced matcha latte for yourself at home. No whisk, blender or heat involved!

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