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Iced Matcha Latte

by Lu Ann Pannunzio June 24, 2019

Get ready matcha lovers! Here comes your favourite way to enjoy the green tea powder this summer. You no longer need to wait in line for an overly sweet Starbucks iced matcha latte. Making it at home has never been easier and you can save yourself a few bucks, too. All you need is your favourite matcha (good quality is key), cold water, milk and, of course, ice. An iced matcha latte is refreshing, creamy and since you’re making it yourself, you can control the sweetness. Wake up and start your morning with this chilled pick me up, or take it on the go to help power through the day. Here is how to quickly “shake” up an iced matcha latte for yourself at home. No whisk, blender or heat involved!

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How to Make Perfect Iced Tea

by Lu Ann Pannunzio June 10, 2019

Perfect Iced Tea

I’m a huge fan of cold steeping tea, but that is a slow process and there are times I want a refreshing drink fast. Enter iced tea. Using the flash chill method for iced tea allows you to serve yourself and others a thirst quenching glass in just 10 minutes or less. Flash chill iced tea simply means once the tea has steeped, ice is immediately added to chill it. You might be thinking, “well, won’t that make the tea really weak?” but a tea concentrate is made therefore, the ice will actually dilute it to the perfect strength. This how-to will help you make the perfect iced tea, every time.

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Cold Brew Matcha (Make It in 30 Seconds!)

by Lu Ann Pannunzio April 30, 2019

cold brew matcha

Matcha is one of my favourite teas to have daily, and if you’ve been following this blog for a while you may have guessed that too. I find the art of preparing matcha quite soothing, and so I enjoy matcha the traditional way most often. However, there are definitely days when I don’t have time or all of my matcha tools to have it that way. As the weather warms up, I also find myself craving something colder for on the go. Enter this speedy way to make cold brew matcha. Follow the tutorial below, and you’ll be shaking it up in 30 seconds or less with no fancy tools required.

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