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This Tea Infused Beauty Line is 0% Water & 100% Tea Infusion

by Lu Ann Pannunzio September 16, 2019

Tea infused beauty products are my weakness. I don’t even use a lot of beauty products, but whenever I find something that features tea as its main ingredient I have to try it! The thought is that if drinking tea can be beneficial for your skin, then applying it to your skin would increase any benefits. Tea infused beauty products can be a hit or a miss for me though as some products only use a tiny amount of tea for marketing purposes. That’s not the case with TEAOLOGY. I was intrigued when I first saw that this brand was making its way to Canada because their skincare line is 0% water and 100% Tea Infusion!

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My New Role: Tea Curator for Amoda Tea Subscription Box

by Lu Ann Pannunzio August 07, 2019

Tea Curator

I announced something on my Instagram end of June and I realized I have yet to share the exciting news here! You’re looking at the new Tea Curator (uhm, can you say dream title?!) for Amoda Tea. After years of being a fan of the Amoda Tea subscription box, this means I will now be the one to sample and select teas for subscribers each month. One of my many favourite things about tea is how it connects people. I love that this opportunity will allow me to connect with more tea lovers/makers! I recently finished curating my first box, which was their August box. While I’m in the middle of curating September’s box, I wanted to take some time to chat about Amoda & my new role.

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Bigelow Tea Interview Series for Women’s History Month: Shabnam Weber of the Tea Association of Canada

by Bigelow Tea March 07, 2019

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we will be sharing stories about women who are a part of our Bigelow Tea family that inspire us. We are thrilled to introduce you to Shabnam Weber, the President of the Tea and Herbal Association of Canada. Shabnam took over as President of the Tea and Herbal Association […]
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