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1990s Ripe Pu’erh Brick, TW Stored [Inbetweenisode 195]

1990s Ripe Pu’erh Brick, TW Stored [Inbetweenisode 195]

by Emman Webstar April 12, 2019

This episode, I drink a 1990s ripe pu’erh kindly given as a gift to me by Garrett. It’s smooth, ginsengy, and slightly wet. The off-brand label makes it quite affordable. Decent tea for an inexpensive price (was ~$35/250g). Rating: 6.0
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5th Annual r/tea Seattle Meetup [Episode 308]

by James April 01, 2019

Super special TeaDB episode! The can’t miss event this spring is the r/tea Seattle Meetup. Don’t miss out on the only event of the year where you can see all of your favorite tea-related personalities. Featuring Garrett, Meet, Denny and … Continue reading
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AMA Q&A [Episode 306]

by James March 19, 2019

This episode, Denny and I do an AMA (Ask Me Anything) covering a wide array of topics. Thank you for all who sent in questions. Enjoy!
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