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Con-tea-mplating the End of Summer

by rwemischner September 16, 2019

As summer ends — indicated at least by the calendar if not the thermometer — the days of frequent outdoor grilling are numbered. But tea, beyond its iced form, can surely play a role in al fresco cooking in the form of a marinade/glaze for beautiful fresh fish (salmon or … Continue reading →

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MCT Your Matcha Latte!

by Holly Helt August 28, 2019

Have you ever been to a foreign country and felt completely out of your comfort zone? Well, that was me in Austin, Texas; standing in front of the milk aisle at Sprouts Market!  I haven’t lived in the US for 12 years and have just moved to Austin to spend … Continue reading →

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Lazy Sunday Matcha Pancakes

by Holly Helt July 25, 2019

Just yesterday I was in a conversation with a matcha lover in the US who was confused about grades of matcha and how to use them. She thought that using the highest grade of matcha would be best in both recipes and as a shot – because it was the … Continue reading →

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