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Tea in K-Town and KCON

by Ifang Hsieh November 18, 2019

In 2012, the first KCON USA — a Korean Wave festival — was held as a one-day event at SoCals Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre. It has since grown to last five days with programs in both New York City and Los Angeles. This year, KCON LAs exhibitors, including entities like Toyota … Continue reading →

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Uyghur Tea

by Ifang Hsieh September 18, 2019

ABC Nightline’s recent report “Families of Muslims allegedly detained by Chinese government speak out” interviewed Uyghur expatriates who have relatives believed to be imprisoned in interment camps.  Those of us who follow international affairs are surely aware of the Uyghur people’s predicament; hence, it is a report with additional details, … Continue reading →

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Sri Lankan Tea Dance

by Ifang Hsieh August 08, 2019

The 14th Sri Lanka Day Expo — organized by Sri Lanka Foundation (SLF) — was held in Pasadena, California last month.  In order to not miss the “Pageant of Lanka” Parade, I arrived shortly after the festival opened at 10 a.m.; forgetting that on a scorching summer day like July … Continue reading →

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