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Chado: The Way of Tea, at ArtXchange

by Cinnabar October 23, 2011

For people within striking distance of Seattle, pharmacy there are still a few more days to to see “Chado: The Way of Tea, order ” an exhibit of work by Miya Ando at ArtXchange Gallery in Pioneer Square. Sculptor Ando … Continue reading
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Da Hong Pao among the mists

by Cinnabar May 31, 2011

Sometimes teas seem to come to me thematically, with several examples from a certain category from different sources all ariving in sequence. One example of this is that over the past couple of months I have had at least six … Continue reading
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New storage for pu’er

by Cinnabar April 30, 2011

Last weekend I had the great fortune to find and acquire this perfect and beautiful ceramic pu’er storage vessel. Of course I have no idea whether the talented clay artist who made this piece intended for it to be used … Continue reading
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