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Browniiieess ^_^

by Steven Li July 20, 2009

Seth Greenberg of East End Cookie Company was sweet enough to drop off a fresh baked batch of his signature brownies as I headed down to apartment showings last Friday. The babies come a dozen to an order, all neatly packed into a brown and gold box. For those who play the cakey versus fudgey Continue Reading
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Thank Youuuu…

by Steven Li March 01, 2009

…to my very awesome mom and dad for mailing the most recent surprise package. Every now and then, my parents send over random gifts just because. Those are the most wonderful type of presents – ones given for no particular reason whatsoever :) The most recent package, which arrived yesterday, was particularly swell. These “happy Continue Reading
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Malassada in the Mail?

by Steven Li February 09, 2007

It’s been three long and lonely years since I’ve last had a Punahou Malassada. And these years have passed by with great pain when my parents would phone the first week of each February, regaling me with the stories of the many malassadas they were lucky enough to consume. “I’ll save some in the freezer!” Continue Reading
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