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Saturday & Sunday: Meals Between Meals

by Steven Li May 12, 2008

On weekends, Don and I never have just breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Instead, we have pre-breakfast snacks, a sort of breakfast followed by a proper lunch and then many, many afternoon treats and drinks, dinner in the later evening, and then another smaller meal, and maybe a third or fourth dessert afterwards. Most of our Continue Reading
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Will Be Back Soon…

by Steven Li May 08, 2008

…even tomorrow, maybe?But for now, busy, baking madelines…lime zest, fresh vanilla…a warm oven on a cool day, oh my, oh my. Perhaps honey & lavender on another occassion, dark chocolate & hazelnut on another? The possibilities are endless. P.S.Thank you, Don, for the abundance of vanilla beans, citrus fruits, and letting me invade your kitchen Continue Reading
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Not Paying Attention to the Madelines

by Steven Li August 20, 2007

For breakfast: blueberry madelines with dark chocolate chips. What I learned from baking this morning: 1. Do not bake when you are daydreaming 2. Do not bake in a rush Madelines are the one baked good I could do with my eyes closed. I have one madeline recipe I know by heart and all the Continue Reading
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