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The Difference Between Scones and Biscuits

by Lu Ann Pannunzio July 30, 2019

Begin with flour, cut in a fat and stir in some liquid. These are the general steps to making both scones and biscuits. There are some similarities with the two, but just like high tea and afternoon tea, scones and biscuits are not equal. It’s safe to call me a scone addict and because of this addiction I can easily tell the two apart. In the past, I have noticed that a few scones I purchased and consumed were not properly advertised. While they may have said English “scones”, they were more like American “biscuits”. When it comes to making or even enjoying scones and biscuits, there are a few differences.

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Afternoon Tea Etiquette: 12 Dos and Don’ts

by Lu Ann Pannunzio July 09, 2019

Afternoon Tea Etiquette

Does milk go in the tea first or last? Do you put pinkies up or pinkies down? These are some common questions when experiencing a proper afternoon tea service. Afternoon Tea began as a social gathering around the 1840s in England. This ritual came with some “rules” on how one should conduct themselves during this type of tea time. Proper etiquette is important as it is a sign of respect to the host and the rest of the guests at afternoon tea. If you’re heading to a tea party, be sure to brush up on this list of afternoon tea etiquette beforehand so you can avoid committing any faux pas.

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Best Electric Kettles for Tea Time

by Lu Ann Pannunzio July 02, 2019

As a self-proclaimed teaaholic for many years, I have tried a lot of electric kettles for tea. I started out with a classic glass stovetop kettle, which I still use sometimes today for my breakfast tea. However, as I learned more about tea and how each type of tea differs, I began looking around for a kettle with more features. Since different temperatures are needed for certain teas, one of the main things I wanted was a kettle that would give me some control over that. A tea kettle is something I use every single day and it’s always on my kitchen counter for display and easy access. Therefore, it’s important to me to have one that is designed smart and functional. 

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