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3 Special Lessons Learned In Bigelow Tea’s Home State Of Connecticut

by Cecilia August 10, 2018

Hey, tea lovers, did you know that people from Connecticut are called Nutmeggers? Or that the first public library in the U.S. was founded in Connecticut? Or that the state’s song is “Yankee Doodle”? Well, it’s all true. And want to know the best fact? Bigelow Tea’s headquarters are in Connecticut! Today is National Connecticut […]
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The Study at Yale

by Steven Li November 19, 2016

29449041744_2d9f237302_cThe last time I stopped in New Haven was en route to Maine. We had sweets in the Bronx and dinner in Pound Ridge. We checked into The Study at Yale close to midnight and left early the next morning. It was a mini layover.

I returned last month, and this time I came with no agenda aside from eating, exploring and getting some quiet time. The Saturday morning train left from Grand Central. I arrived early and picked up a cinnamon bun (with cardamom!) from Great Northern Food Hall. Two hours later, a quick cab ride from the train station and I was checked into my room The Study at Yale.

First things first, brunch! A seat at the bar of Heirloom for oysters and a beautifully made Last Word. No better way to settle in….

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Road Trip To Maine (New Haven on the Way)

by Steven Li July 18, 2015

19638950822_766b80f6e7_cA little road trip to Maine…

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