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Green Power!  Former Hulk Lou Ferrigno, A Bigelow Green Tea Fan!

by Sylvia May 09, 2018

Bigelow Tea and the #TeaProudly community were recently tickled green upon noting a Facebook post by world famous actor, fitness consultant and bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno. In it, Lou noted that he had given up his afternoon coffee for green tea, writing he’s a big fan as it helps “keep me lean and doesn’t give me sleeping […]
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Bigelow Tea Is A Fan Of These 5 Celebrity Tea Drinkers

by Cecilia August 28, 2017

It’s no surprise that celebs love tea. After all, they’re people, too! So when Bigelow Tea hears about famous tea drinkers, it’s easy to get totally starstruck! Shout-out to all the tea lovers out there because these timeless folks throughout history are part of the #TeaProudly movement (even though they didn’t realize it at the […]
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Struan Shields Spills On His Secret Showtime Ritual: Tea Of Course!

by Jenn June 14, 2017

How cool is it that the amazingly talented singer-songwriter Struan Shields is a Bigelow Tea fanatic and makes it part of his pre-show ritual? When he gets ready for a performance, Struan says he absolutely must have his Bigelow Peppermint Tea before a show or else! He says he even drinks excessive amounts of it! (Is there such a thing for […]
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