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Shochu Pearls

by Cinnabar February 10, 2010

I generally scoff at combinations involving tea and alcohol (or food, for that matter), but I sometimes make exceptions when I’m feeling inventive, and as long as no really high quality tea is harmed in the process. The particular cocktail … Continue reading
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by Cinnabar January 07, 2010

A few weeks ago I ventured into a grocery that I had passed by hundreds of times in the past without my curiosity the least bit piqued, having previously assumed that it would not have anything of interest on its … Continue reading
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Tea Review: Mighty Leaf: Holiday Blend

by Cinnabar December 23, 2009

There’s a certain set of scents that I (and probably a whole lot of other people) associate with Christmas. Mighty Leaf’s Holiday Blend tastes like Christmas smells: like the decoration aisle of a craft store in winter, like candles, fireplaces, … Continue reading
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