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2018 WuyiOrigin Smoky Lapsang [Episode 311]

by James April 23, 2019

This episode, Denny and I drink another fantastic tea from Cindy at WuyiOrigin. This time we drink her smoky Lapsang which is sweet, smoky, with an alluring depth. Thanks Cindy!
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1 Mystery Tea, 3 Tea Reviewers

by Lu Ann Pannunzio March 28, 2019

mystery tea

Tasting and reviewing teas can be fun but sometimes difficult when you can‘t seem to find the right word to describe what your taste buds are experiencing. I find it easier when it is a mystery tea and therefore I don’t have ideas in my head of how this certain tea should smell or taste. Knowing much about a tea before drinking it can affect my own tasting notes. Everyone has a different palate and so different reviews of a single tea is not uncommon. The goal of this review is to show how three different people, 2 tea bloggers and 1 musician/tea drinker, can have very similar or different thoughts on the same tea.

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Nuances of Tea Classification

by Tony Gebely February 20, 2019

What is a Tea Processing Chart? What is a tea processing chart? A tea processing chart refers to a chart that shows the processing steps that different tea types go through after being plucked and before they reach your cup as a means of tea classification. Tea processing charts have been essential items in the [...]
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