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Earl Grey All The Way (And All The Reasons To Love This #1 Bigelow Tea Flavor)!

by Cecilia October 23, 2019

Oh, hey, Bigelow Earl Grey! You’re so classy and fab – thanks for being deliciously amazing. So much so, it’s no wonder you’re the #1 Earl Grey in the U.S. Rock on, superstar. And to be recognized with an honor like that, there’s gotta be a reason why… or, three to be exact! You’re made […]
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How To Start Your Day Right…With a Cup Of Bigelow Earl Grey Tea, Of Course!

by Bigelow Tea July 27, 2018

A true classic, Earl Grey just can’t be beat. Ask anyone. A cup of Bigelow Tea Earl Grey tea will make your day – morning, afternoon, or evening! Whether you enjoy it steeped in hot water or over ice, you can never go wrong with a cup of Earl Grey. This refined, yet bold, black tea is highlighted […]
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Bigelow Tea’s Earl Grey Gives Ice Cream A Distinct Flavor

by Michele August 24, 2016

Hey Bigelow Tea fans, do you know what gives Earl Grey Tea its distinct taste? It’s bergamot oil, which comes from bergamots, a type of citrus fruit. Who knew? Not all bergamots are the same … and in producing Bigelow Tea’s famous Earl Grey, the Bigelow family sources bergamot oil directly from a long-time family-owned orchard in Calabria, Italy, where bergamots […]
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