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Yiwu Pu’erh [May 2014 Tea Drinking Report]

by James June 14, 2014

Every month, I dedicate it to one type of tea. This means I drink that genre of tea in some form at least once a day. This could mean gong-fu, grandpa, or even a cold-brew. I’ll still consume other teas, but the primary focus is understanding and building a palate for a specific type/genre/region of tea through repetition. This the most personal blogging type style of post for TeaDB, and the goal is to stretch my palate as well as give recommendations to interested parties. I had so many different teas this month that my notes were especially useful for this write-up.

Vendors ordered from:

Primary tea producers:

  • Yong Pin Hao + Guan Zi Zai (Yunnan Sourcing)
  • Hai Lang Hao (Yunnan Sourcing)
  • Yunnan Sourcing
  • Taochaju (White2Tea)

Also featuring:

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Pu’erh Vendor Guide

by James June 07, 2014

Pu’erh is a hot tea. In the past 15 years it has moved beyond its longtime audience in Hong Kong and Taiwan into mainland China, the rest of Asia and more recently the west. With Ebay, Taobao, and the ever-growing worldwide marketplace, options for buying pu’erh online have exponentially increased in the last ten years. Pu’erh is even sold as a dieter’s tea to more “ordinary” consumers in the west. This dynamic marketplace has spawned both monstrous creations as well as very high-quality tea. The specialized vendor scenes tends to be different for pu’erh compared with vendors for other teas, i.e. Taiwanese Oolongs. This guide will attempt to highlight the various options available to the western consumer. This guide disregards any offline options (i.e. Chinese supermarkets).

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80’s Wild Arbor Raw Pu’erh Origin Tea [Episode 56]

by James June 03, 2014

In episode 56, Denny and James review a great intro tea to aged raw pu’erh, Origin Tea‘s 80s Wild Arbor Raw Pu’erh. A reasonably priced, well-aged pu’erh. EDITED: Some additional notes after chatting with Tony. The earlier steeps are more … Continue reading
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