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Sunday = Brunch & Pie Day…and SNOW!

December 06, 2007


If you live in NYC, what I’m about to say it old news…BUT if you don’t…then…it started snowing this past weekend!! I woke up on a particularly lazy Sunday morning to get dressed for brunch at Café Mogador with Lynn (a reader turned good friend! :) I was just doing my usual business of picking out clothes and munching on pre-breakfast snacks when I heard the rustling of Shann waking up in her room, followed by a brief silence, and then a sudden exclamation of “NOOOOOO!”

“What?!” I panicked, hoping nothing was wrong.
“NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” she replied.
“NOOOO? What? What happened?!”
“Not ‘NO’…SNOW!!!!”
Oh. Hehe. I must be going deaf!

Sure enough, I took a peek outside my window and it was snoooooooowing!!
Ahahaha, I was so happy!
So I got all bundled up and decided to take a walk around the East Village before brunch.

On the LES: Corner of Orchard & Stanton Street

I took some pictures for you too!

Ten minutes into my walk, I was positive my nose would fall off from the cold alone, so I decided to wait for Lynn inside Mogador where it was bound to be warm and cozy. The restaurant was packed to the brim at 11am with an average 15 minutes wait for a table – not too shabby for the owners considering it was snowing crazy out!

Lynn came soon afterwards and we were seated at a two-top buried in the warmth of the restaurant. This brunch was actually the first time Lynn and I met up in person, but you’d never guess it from the way we hit it right off. I suppose it’s quite easy to get along if you share a common interest: GOOD FOOD =)

The brunch specials are a pretty nice deal here, $11.50 buys an entree (benedict’s are among the most popular, as they do six versions, all which sounded fantastic), fresh squeezed orange juice (props for a pulp rich version!) and your choice of cappuccino or tea.

Here’s my cocoa laced cappuccino, it warmed me up quite nicely! Only thing that bugged me was that they served both the cappuccino and orange juice at the same time. Hot. Cold. Fruity. Coffee. Hot. Cold. Fruity. Coffee. It messes with you. I’d prefer the juice at the beginning of my meal and the tea or cappuccino at the end. This was what they did for some tables, but I suppose it was so busy by the time we sat down that no one was keeping track of the drinks.

We both had difficulties deciding between two benedicts, but as luck would have it, it was the same two benedicts! So we got one of each and shared. SHARING is the way to go! Except when it comes to banana pudding. or bread pudding. Ehehehe. The Moroccan Benedict (pictured above) featured a spicy tomato and green pepper sauce slathered right between the poached eggs and toasted English muffin. Not spicy at all, but delicious nonetheless, the sweet flavours melding gleefully with the hollandaise and warm egg. And oh! The way the yolk spilled out with a bite, the muffin soaking up all that richness we call cholesterol, such a delightful sight! Yes. This is my idea of Sunday morning.

The Eggs Normandy, which replaces the tomato and pepper sauce with slices of smoked salmon was equally cravable. They use just the right amount of hollandaise at Mogador. Too many restaurants pour in sickening quantities, which I find downright disgusting, not to mention heavy, but here there’s just enough to give a taste and make you smile. Enough to leave you satisfied. And anticipating a future return. All brunch dishes come with a mesclun salad in a light vinaigrette and roasted potatoes. The potatoes, while well seasoned, were unevenly cooked, resulting in the occasional random hard chunk. Overall? I think it’s a great deal. In this city, you never pay for the food alone, a huge part of the dining experience (especially when it comes to brunch) is the atmosphere, and of course, the company. And Mogador does atmosphere well. If it wasn’t so busy, I would mind lingering here over a few more cups of cappuccino and good conversation. Most people were dining in groups of two or four, but there were a fair share of people sitting at the bar or corner tables alone, coffee cups in one hand, Sunday paper in the other, and the most relaxed and content expressions on their faces. I’ve got to do that one day…

Snow. Everywhere!

After lunch Lynn and I headed to Chelsea to see the Banksy reception. Now I’ll be the first to admit that I do not know much about art all. But I do love visiting galleries! Though I’m afraid it’s more for the people watching than the art watching! So. You best be reading the reception reviews at another site, hehe ;). But I can offer a fun story that involves cute guys & pies! The line for the reception was lined the avenue by the time we arrived. Lynn and I were standing out in the snow, talking about spam musubis, cold weather drinks, and trying to keep our ears warm. And I suppose, one thing led to another, like how things happens when you end up in line behind two very good looking guys…and before you knew it, we were chatting away with guy A and guy B both in line and throughout the reception. As we headed back out into the cold and crossed 10th Avenue, someone turned to someone and someone said something…and then all four of us ended up cabbing it down to Little Pie Co on 14th street for warm desserts! This city is remarkably conducive to making friends on a whim.

We opened the doors to the pie shop and were instantly greeted with the a scent that can only be described as BAKED. It was everything wonder that related to the word BAKED. It was warm. Butter in the air. A fruity sweetness. A hint of chocolate perhaps? Wonderful either way. We picked a table for four in the corner and set about our pie making choices. Guy A went for the original apple pie à la mode…

…while Lynn had the cherry crumble pie with whipped cream.

Guy B and I each had a slice of the sour cream apple walnut pie – à la mode of course! I’ve heard so many good reviews on this particular pie, I just can’t believe it’s taken me so long to try it! It is a truly wonderful slice, super thin slices of cinnamon dusted apples, a generous hand with the sour cream, some might even say too generous, but I enjoy it that way. The crust itself was satisfying but far from remarkable – it was the walnut speckled brown sugar crumble and pie filling of spiced warm apples and thick tangy sour cream that sold me. Pair it with a double scoop of vanilla, and it’s a winter treat to love.

Cafe Mogador
101 Saint Marks Pl.
NY, NY 10009
(212) 677-2226

Little Pie Company
407 W 14th St.
NY, NY 10014
(212) 414-2324

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