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Still Into the Blue & Distilled With the Blue

April 15, 2019


Yes, I’m still into the Blue Butterfly Pea Flower, but it seems I am not the only one!

I just found it infused in alcohol as Empress 1908 Original Indigo Gin I’m enjoying it right this minute so I’m hoping to get through this post only minimally affected.

For those of you that are into Afternoon Tea, surely you’ve heard of tea at the iconic Empress Hotel in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. It seems a Canadian distiller found both the blue pea flower and the proprietary tea blend at the Empress to be their inspiration for creating this new version of gin.

“The signature tea at the Empress Hotel, this blend is a selection of seasonal, quality teas from Assam, Kenya, South India, Ceylon, and China, created exclusively by the Metropolitan Tea Company. At once floral, fruity, and oaky, it is one of the finest blends in the world.”

Empress Gin

Along with juniper berries, grapefruit peel, coriander seed, rose petals, cinnamon bark, and ginger root; the pea flower and the Fairmont Empress house-blend tea all come delightfully together. They are micro-distilled in small batch copper-pot stills, with the result being this appealing and somewhat audacious beverage: Both to the eye and the tongue.

“Empress 1908 is infused with the vibrantly tinted butterfly pea blossom, adding a singularly distinct expression an impossibly lush and vivid indigo blue, with a stunning secret to reveal; with the addition of citrus or tonic, the gin is transformed from a breathtaking indigo blue to a soft pink.”

Victoria Distillers

Having just returned from the winter in British Columbia myself, I am patting my fellow Canadians on the back for this superbly done and slightly daring spirit.

“Born in Victoria, British Columbia, where the wild meets the well appointed, a unique Canadian culture thrives. Breathtaking and majestic, Vancouver Island captivates with a ruggedness that showcases its pristine nature.”

Victoria Distillers

Their introductory video is truly enlightening, and a must see.

Tradition with a Twist: “We aspired to create a spirit that would make the perfect gin and tonic. From traditional ingredients like juniper to the unique use of teas selected from the Empress Hotel’s collection, each botanical was carefully chosen to create a delicate balance: of herbal and earthy, citrus and spice, floral and sweet.”

They succeeded!

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