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steep & learn; utopia tea company

June 14, 2011


I was able to sit down (infront of my laptop screen) and speak to Kelly, an employee from Utopia Tea.I just started getting into Utopia Tea about a month ago. It all started with one twitter follow, followed up by one tweet. I asked Utopia if their Chocolate Strawberry Saffron tea actually tasted like the real treat and they responded by sending me samples to try. It was delightful! Not just because the tea was exquisite, but also because the wonderful service Utopia Tea brings to their consumers. Utopia Tea knows how to make their consumers happy because they have a great experience in knowing what they want. 
Actress Tyra Colar has created a tea company that connects with the world and having nothing but positive feed back. Tyra states that “[she] wants to inspire and motivate people to drink tea, and [she] takes careful consideration in selecting [Utopia’s] common and seasonal loose tea varieties. Not only is [their] tea handpicked, but also prepared and packaged with passion and care.” 
It is made obvious now as to why I chose to do my second interview with this tea company. My dream has always been to move to California and make a living for myself there. I hope to one day make my way out California and visit the creators of “the taste of perfection.”
The Cup of Life: Tell me about Utopia and how did it get to the point it’s at now?

Utopia Tea: Utopia Tea is a web store that sells premium loose tea from Fair Trade Organizations overseas. The owner is a tea connoisseur and only wanted to give her customers the best tasting teas around. She wanted an easy and convenient way to provide the best loose tea so she decided to create a web store.

TCOL: Do you see Utopia expanding in the future? What is next for Utopia?

UT: YES! Utopia Tea is receiving a lot of positive feedback. We would like to open our first store by 2012 in Los Angeles, Ca.

TCOL: What’s so unique about Utopia from other online tea stores?

UT:We sell tea from Fair Trade Organizations which provide jobs to woman and help small villages over seas. We have unique blends and even sell custom blends. We cater to everyone – not just tea lovers. We change our tea flavors with the seasons. We also have free giveaways and give discounts, free tea, etc.

TCOL: How did the name Utopia get decided? Does it have any significant meaning towards the tea company?

UT: Yes,  since utopia means perfection, the owner wanted a name that symbolized perfection. So Utopia Tea was born. It’s a peaceful name.

TCOL: Is Utopia a one woman show, or are there others behind the making of this wonderful tea company?

UT: Utopia Tea currently has 4 employees. I believe the company started off with just the owner and her assistant, and now she has expanded to the four of us. We love it! 


TCOL:As the owner, tell me a little about who you are?

UT: The owners name is Tyra Colar. She is a former Miss California and now works as an actress. Feel free to go to her personal site to learn more about her.

TCOL:What’s your favourite kind of tea?

UT: My favorite kind of tea is Very Berry. I believe Tyra’s favorite is any kind of Rooibos – she loves it and drinks it everyday!

TCOL: How did tea become a part of your life? and what made you decide to incorporate it into a successful business?

UT:Tyra grew up in a tea loving family. Her mother would have tea parties for her sisters and friends. She’s always drank tea and always had a hard time finding unique blends that weren’t processed. She wanted the tea to be as natural as possible. Which is why she started Utopia Tea.

TCOL: What does tea mean to you?

UT: Tea means a lot to all of us here. We’re all tea lovers. I grew up drinking tea as well. It relaxes us, and is soothing. Tyra has said that it also calms her nerves down before an audition.

TCOL:Any advice to other tea lovers out there who may want to implement their own tea business one day?

UT: Tyra would probably say.. DO IT! She is so encouraging and believes that everyone can be successful if they pursue their dreams. She’s taught us that anyway.

TCOL: Any final words you would like to say?

UT: Here at Utopia Tea, it is our utmost importance to provide a quality product to our customers. We only send out tea that we would drink ourselves. We all love tea here and hope that it becomes more popular than coffee…. SOON!

Thanks again for this opportunity Utopia! Keep in touch, and happy steeping
*If you or anyone you know would like to be interviewed, contact me.

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