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snippet from our tea party 101 piece

June 27, 2011


Keep in mind, that since it is the summer season, there may be a few people who lose interest in warm tea during the hot days. It’s always a good idea to steep some tea in a glass pitcher with ice cubes and freshly grown and cut fruits. It’ll not only quench their thirst but also keep them cool. I’ll share with you right here one of my favourite recipe for a chilled tea that’s perfect for an elegant, breezy summer tea party day. 
Firstly, steep some chamomile tea and let it chill in the fridge for a few hours. While waiting for it to chill, you’ll need to prepare the crucial part for this recipe: peppermint ice cubes. To make the ice cubes simply fill an ice tray with water and place some peppermint leaves into each cube section. Put them in the freezer to freeze. When they’re frozen to perfection, place all of them into your pitcher with the chilled chamomile tea and serve. It’s nice to serve this iced tea with some lemon wedges as well, for the extra summery zing. You’ll find that this beverage is not only cool and delicious but also quite soothing from the herbal tea.

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