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Snapshots from Taipei

March 22, 2015


15737522581_83853ef742_cThree nights and plenty of xiao long bao, tea, and soft-serve ^-^

15715723436_3e3a2e51c3_cMandarin Oriental Taipei recently opened…

15116920423_95f9407943_c…and you know my weakness for a good hotel breakfast. Green tea pancakes!

15734374401_6fd490d451_cDin Tai Fung (original location) is a must…

15551075557_4febf6f920_c…as is afternoon tea…

15736204465_b832494bc2_c…and a visit to the Mandarin Cake Shop. Guava macarons!

15715725626_d7e4da9c8b_cWistaria Tea House is one of the most magical places in the city (post here).

15120143353_dfbdc7786b_cBolo bao from Ho Mei. You can get bolo bao all over the US, but only in Asia do they slice the bun at an angle and slip in a thick slice of cold, salted butter.

15554616170_f39da98c9e_cA stop at Cha Cha Thé for pu’erh…

15715718716_2e21832c5d_c…and Milk Beard for whiskey-honey soft-serve.

15554362167_2452e28b32_cAnd brown sugar-sea salt soft-serve from 8% Ice.

15553552979_cf255f4165_cI’ve never been able to resist a good gua bao

15740972892_8d8b235f21_c…or mango ice, extra condensed milk!

15740969642_2688b5fa98_cJoël Robuchon at least once each trip. Duck and…

15740967922_5369cdc4f3_c…that chocolate-apricot sphere ^-^

15739424455_eb7ff46d1e_cWe went to visit Stacey’s family at Fong Puu…

15737496131_22a236ec92_c…and had one of my favorite takes on duck at Humble House. 28-day baby Yilan duck, roasted. That skin! That meat!

15551118887_3cacb358e9_cBe back soon again ^-^

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A Standard of Transparency

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Allow me to introduce you to your new favourite show to binge watch on Netflix. Kim’s Convenience is a CBC comedy about a Korean-Canadian family running a convenience store in downtown Toronto. The sitcom is based on Ins Choi’s award-winning play. The moment I began watching the show I instantly regretted not doing so sooner. I actually started watching Kim’s Convenience because of an interaction on this Instagram post that featured Janet, played by the hilarious Andrea Bang, chugging a mug of tea. Andrea Bang was born and raised in Burnaby, B.C and like her character, she grew up around tea. In fact, tea plays a huge role in her acting career today. At the tea table Andrea opened up about her childhood tea moments, her favourite steeps, which character from Kim’s Convenience she would share a cup of tea with and more.

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Two Types of Major College scholarships

Just before we get in composition, let me define what i’m saying by a ‘major’ scholarship. You can find two major types We are focusing on. The foremost is the kind that promises more than just bucks. These free college funding also include unique mentoring, enrichment experiences, management development, study opportunities, embraced experiences by using a cohort connected with fellow historians, and/or entrance to an is in program. Any some of these activities might be marketed in addition to a whole (or close full) journey to college. Could possibly be anywhere from some to 52 scholarships to go around for each inbound class in various colleges in the United States (the Stamps President’s Scholarship from Georgia Tech falls straight into this category).

The second type scholarship is one of expensive or perhaps most exclusive scholarship within a particular university. It’s not unconventional to find some or 20 of these scholarships or grants sitting there with the students considered ‘the good the best’ in the newly arriving class. Requirements for line is often very scholastically focused, but is not exclusively. Bonuses beyond financing for the cost of attendance usually are hit or miss, typically miss (though sometimes these come with admission to an recognizes program).

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