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Snapshots from Paris

June 29, 2015


18848795176_7b8a530e4d_cA quick weekend trip! I met Christina (who came in from London) on early Saturday evening…

18848986076_261d50eaf0_c…we walked from the 8th arr. to Neige d’été for hay-smoked beef and the lightest strawberry mousse.

18875194015_3836925af1_cThe next day, lunch with Kristy at Breizh Café.

19271779301_8ffc0510cc_cOysters, dry cider…

18875183725_8c3925daab_c…and galettes. Mine had onion confit in cider, tomatoes, ham, anchovies, and raw milk gruyère. All the good things in the world.

18869979872_5dfddbfdfd_cAnd then it was off to Peninsula Paris…

18878824531_4415a698b0_c…for afternoon tea in the lobby lounge.

18687465320_ef1dc8955c_cCheck out these in-room tea sets ^-^

18252575754_0ccdf555ab_cWe’ll have to visit Bar Kléber next time.

18688168778_1a681c7d8b_cLate night bánh cuốn at Pho 14, one of my favorite Vietnamese spots in Paris.

18255233993_573aeed2c8_cAnd soon again, it’s time for breakfast! A stop at Du Pain et Des Idées (been a while since the last visit!)…

18875871455_6bbcd77206_c…for a square of the apple cake…

18255223903_bacd1dc94b_c…apple tarts, currant snails, croissants…

18688167560_a56090b8c2_c…and one perfect chocolatine.

18689386610_02ba9b7f68_cLunch at Saturne! I wish every lunch could end with ribbons of aged comté.

18879787711_3c6cc483b8_cThen off to Le Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris for gigantic Pierre Hermé ice cream sundaes.

18754758319_fe86cab015_cI have a weakness for hotel bathrobes and candles, and Raffles has a pretty excellent candle with the scent of green anise.

18252512414_4eb8564b66_cAnd then back home to NYC ^-^

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