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Snapshots from Kyoto

November 24, 2014


15375130670_0c22449030_cThree nights in Kyoto ^-^

15537070786_5f71ef54af_cWe took the train from Tokyo on Wednesday afternoon. Only two hours! And then straight to the new Ritz-Carlton Kyoto.

15374218329_c0f84ef9c5_cThere was a Pierre Hermé afternoon tea

14940059524_6049dd9a2f_c…and dinner at Arashiyama Kitcho. The restaurant is located at the base of the mountains, next to Ooi river. It was such a treat to visit on a rainy autumn night. I didn’t appreciate how special that was at the moment.

15558120731_2eb4807654_cThe next morning: a proper Japanese breakfast back at the hotel…

15375130670_0c22449030_c…and a day in Wazuka at Obubu…

15558088991_8d8b69b340_c…where we also had (the first of many) matcha soft-serve cones on this trip.

15561589992_2450a526f6_cThere was a late afternoon stop in Uji…

15550736748_773392a97c_c…before a beautiful kaiseki dinner at Nakamura. Pictured: uni, crab, tofu!

15734247051_bdf1bb07ee_cA good breakfast can really make a day…

15551334750_314d2a19b1_c…as can a stroll through Nishiki Market for yuba…

15737709462_da56380b55_c…and not one (hojicha)…

15734240751_ccc05ac32b_c…or two (milk cream)…

15550289389_8ea7434bc3_c…but three (matcha!) servings of soft-serve. Heehee.

15736161325_9560a50232_cAfter the market, we walked to Ippodo for…

15550283049_477f260bcc_c…the tenka-ichi gyokuro…

15734237861_664f6d9765_c…for two.

15550284439_9fc10f413b_cAs well as koicha…

15550708988_f6a52341d7_c…and then matcha.

15712447876_19f0565d26_cBoth teas came with wagashi made from red…

15116773723_c10c7c9076_c…and white bean paste.

15737691862_888d28caed_cThen it was time to visit Izuju for a lunch…

15116195584_1d72a9f27c_c…of mackerel sushi. Bliss!

15116753993_98da0fedac_cWe had a French-Japanese kaiseki that night at Misoguigawa…

15734205681_e35e113e4f_c…and then matcha pancakes for breakfast. Next stop, Hokkaido ^-^

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