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Seriously BIG Pancakes in Waikiki

July 12, 2007


Words cannot even begin to describe the size of the pancakes at Waikiki’s MAC 24/7. Just opened less than a year ago, this restaurants aims to cater to the late night/early morning and all-hours-between Hawaii crowd, serving breakfast and ‘real’ food throughout the day.

The concept is ‘Modern American Cuisine’, hence the name “MAC,” and they deliver with renditions of mac ‘n cheese, meatloaf and mashed potatoes, and most importantly, the biggest pancakes I’ve ever encountered.

This picture does not come close to doing the size of the pancakes justice. By size I mean each pancake comes 14 inches wide and at least an inch tall. And there are three pancakes to an order. It’s a staggering sight. Shann, Trisha, and I split this for dinner and we could barely put away half the order. And we like our pancakes! After debating for far too long between pancake contenders such as kona coffee with a mocha drizzle, peanut butter swirled with bacon, and another option of pineapple, coconut, and mac nuts, we choose the banana, walnut, and chocolate chip pancakes. As far as taste goes, they are not the best pancakes you’ll find on the island (that award rightfully belongs to either Jack’s in Aina Haina or Kailua’s Cinnamon’s). But they are the biggest. And no one can argue that. The pancakes themselves are plain with sautéed slices of bananas, sugared walnuts and milk chocolate discs layered between. I have no idea how they manage to cook such a huge creation evenly throughout, no squishy innards here. They were on the dry side though, but I’d rather face dry pancakes than those with undercooked centers.

It’s served with guava, maple and coconut syrup, a nice touch, though I found it unnecessary given the wide additions of toppings that already came on the pancakes. What I would have liked though, was a generous pat of butter!

But I suppose it was better that I didn’t request for butter…I already felt a heart failure coming on at the thought of eating those pancakes!

MAC 24/7

2500 Kuhio Avenue

Honolulu, Hawaii 96815

(808) 921-5564

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