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Salmon Musubis & Curry at Iyasume

July 19, 2007


Short post today cause I’m all tired from cleaning the house (I even raked the yard too!!!) Earlier this afternoon I was in my mom’s office with no lunch plans and quite a bit of work to finish up. So I popped outside a bit for some fresh air and found myself at the entrance of Iyasume off Kapahulu. Let’s go inside, shall we?

It’s actually pretty big in here, but with all the clutter it gets somewhat claustrophobic, especially during the busy lunch hours. I guess you could call the clutter ‘cozy’, it feels like you just walked into a relative’s home, “sorry for all the mess, yeah?”

Here’s a peek inside the kitchen, most people place their order at the register to the left, and take their lunch to go. There are a few tables for those who want to sit in and eat.

A list of the daily specials…teriyaki beef & shrimp tempura combo….squid & fried shrimp…but the best sounding one was the ahi katsu bowl. Lucky we live Hawaii!

There’s also plenty more to choose from! The random menu arrangement can be quite intimidating, and on my first visit this summer, I spent a good 20 minutes trying to decide what to eat. Chicken katsu, curry udon, butterfish bentos, natto bowls, grilled ahi bentos, garlic fried chicken…the list goes on and on!

Today I decided to have the curry rice bowl and two salmon musubis. The curry bowl is the perfect size to satisfy me, but still leave room for another half lunch, hehe. They pack in the rice real good here, with the rice-curry ratio running 50:50. Chunks of potatoes, carrots, chicken make this slightly sweet curry very comforting, but the best part are the cuts of onions, cooked so that they pretty much melt at the touch of your tongue.

And the two musubis! In retrospect, I probably should have just gotten one, two musubis and curry bowl left me a bit too full (no room for dessert :(). Musubis here are plain and simple, a generous portion of flaked salmon wrapped in ball of unseasoned rice. It’s all very homemade and that’s what I like about Iyasume. Okay then, I better go sleep now before I nod off in front of the computer. Goodnight! :)


611 Kapahulu Ave Ste 103B

Honolulu, Hawaii 96815

(808) 735-3530

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