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Rise & Chai with Tea India’s Chai Moments

September 08, 2014


“Chai is an integral part of India’s history. Throughout India,
enterprising young chai wallahs sell steaming glasses of chai in crowded
railway platforms. Busy shoppers stop at teeming bazaars for a quick
cup of chai served in small tea cups and saucers. Discover the taste of
India with Tea India.”

If you want a quick fix for a warm hug, look no further. Tea India’s Chai Momentsare a unique blend of the finest Assam teas combined with authentic and flavourful spices for a true Chai latte drinking experience. Coming in 10 packets per box, Chai Moments is available in four flavors: Masala, Cardamom, Ginger, and brand new Milk Tea (Coming this fall!).

I’m grateful I had an opportunity to try all four flavours and report back to my blog that there wasn’t a single one that I wouldn’t recommend. If you’re someone with a hectic lifestyle and find it hard to get a delicious, good quality tea in your day then these Chai Moments may be just what you’re searching for. Without needing to add milk or sugar, this truly is the perfect item to place in your travel mug, pocket, purse, etc. and go!

All of the blends were delicious and naturally creamy. The Masala Chai was a rich blend that stays true to the Chai roots. I was surprised to find that the Masala Chai was actually not my favourite as I was expecting. Instead, I was really fond of the Cardamom and it’s wonderful fragrant blend. Milk Tea was also nice and a great option for someone who doesn’t want too much spice in their sips. It’s an easier going Chai that is still warming and tasty. Ginger, probably my least favourite but still delightful, was refreshing and invigorating! I found this one to have the most kick in it which makes for it to be quite enjoyable in the morning.

Chai Moments is an authentic chai product for when you need it on the go. As the season begins to change here in Canada (sigh..) and we begin to pack away our shorts and tank tops to make room for sweater weather this is the perfect time for you to enjoy a moment with a cup of Chai.

Where to find Tea India…

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TeaIndia
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TeaIndia
Instagram: http://instagram.com/teaindia
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/teaindiaus/

*Do you have a tea moment you’d like to share and be featured on our blog? Whether it is chai or any other kind of tea… Take part in our new series A Cup of Zen today!

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