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Republic of Tea – Good Hope Vanilla

July 17, 2006


I’ll admit it – the summer weather has me shunning tea in favor of other, cooler drinks, so I have been away too long. I should make it a priority to go find myself a nice suntea jar with a spigot.

We’re having a bit of a dreary July morning here in Seattle, so I opted for something rich and spicy. Republic of Tea’s Good Hope Vanilla is my favorite choice from my manager’s tea collection, which she lets me raid with impunity. This tea has that woody rooibos aroma, but it’s mingled with that of strong, fresh vanilla bean.

It’s decaf, of course. I was feeling fickle this morning, so I added agave nectar before I tasted it. It certainly doesn’t need sweetening, but if you want to punch it up, a little bit will round out that vanilla even more. The rooibos undertone is still there, but it’s playing a nice little harmony in the background. This is a good year-round tea.

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