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Old Times, Good Times

August 09, 2007


While packing for my move to NYC in a few weeks, I came across some old photos from high school and our first year of college. Thought you might like to see some!

transporting the cake in the car

For Kelly’s grad/birthday party, Steph and I had spent all day and evening making her the most fun grad gift ever – a cake! You wouldn’t believe the amount of work this took, but it was sooo much fun and sooo worth it.

A little closer…

We slept over at Steph’s house that night, walked over to Times Coffee Shop in Kaneohe to have strawberry pancakes and blueberry waffles for dinner.


The three cake layers are composed of Kelly’s favorite cake/desserts. The bottom layer is super fudgey, dark chocolate brownies, the middle is a rice krispies, and the top is a chocolate cake dome. Pretty awesome, eh?

Kelly’s mini chocolate cake

We also made a little mini chocolate cake for Kelly to eat all herself, hehehe :)

yes, labor intensive indeed!

It was an exciting accomplishment for both of us…we even did some of the flowers ourselves!

scones & sandwiches (dessert is somewhere in the kitchen…)

During the same summer we had an afternoon tea party at my house. I was absolutely obsessed with the concept of afternoon tea. Tea at 1024, The Veranda at the Mandarin, Halekulani, Moana Surfrider…we’ve done it all and then some!

Here’s a shot from afternoon tea with my mom at the Moana Surfrider.

Bags of Poi!!!

The Summer of 2004, right after our high school graduation was probably the best summer of all.

Here’s where we used to sit and have lunch every day during high school. From left to right is Kelly, Shann, myself, and my prom date and fellow food blogger, Justin.

We went to the beach. A lot.

We also did a lot of silly stuff, like baking cupcakes for Matt’s mom (we used to hang out at his house sooo often and she would always make food for us!)

Have you ever delivered cupcakes in the middle of the night?

Kristen and I went to La Mer for the first time…or first taste of real fine dining without our parents. We felt quite grown up! (even though my dad had to drive us there and pick us up after dinner, hehe).

Kristen’s entree: duck…something. I cannot remember! It was 3 years ago!

There were 3 types of seafood on my dish. I remember enjoying the scallops the most. That’s all I can accurately recall.

It figures that the only part I remember very clearly from the dinner were the pistachio bon bons, silky smooth orbs of cool pistachio gelato dipped in dark chocolate…I can almost taste it now.

How can you end a proper dinner without the mignardises? ;)

Fast forward a couple months. It’s our first year in college. Shann and I were the only one from our group of friends to end up in NYC…and luckily we lived just a few streets away from each other!

Our very first evening party at the Metropolitan Museum of Art!

We baked a ton of cupcakes in Shann’s dorm. Like a super ton.

Justin came in from Yale and spent the weekend with us. We took the subway from NYU all the way to Silver Moon Bakery near Columbia, ate lots of pastries and walked all the way back downtown. Full with almond brioche toast, chocolate brioche, and a simple iced brioche (we were in a brioche-y mood!), we crossed at least 100 streets!

By the time we made it back to NYU it was nightfall…and we were exhausted. We made Japanese curry from a box for dinner that night.

The view from my seat (yes, I always had the same seat!) at the Starbucks on West 4th Street. I practically lived in that Starbucks freshman year. The fact that the NYU meal plan worked at Starbucks also helped quite a bit!

I visited Boston for the first time to see Kelly and Marie at Wellesley and Jess at Harvard. That’s Kelly on the left, Jess in the middle, and myself on the right. What did we do?

Eat dessert at Finale’s of course!

We all flew home for Christmas break…this picture should look familiar to Hawaii locals.

The Snowman Ohana! =)

And then we all had to go fly back to school in January…

The corner of my dorm room around Christmastime…it was a very, very small dorm room. I had two roommates. How we all fit in that tiny room is far beyond me.

Manhattan’s Chinatown on the day of Chinese New Year’s

“The Gates” – Central Park on President’s Day Weekend 2005

A month later, I met my parents at my aunt’s home in LA for spring break.

We went to Vegas for a day…and had breakfast at Bouchon…

…bread pudding french toast and…

…sourdough waffles. Nothing out of the ordinary. I was a little disappointed, perhaps I expected too much.

Rewinding back to November, we celebrated Thanksgiving in Shann’s dorm. Friends came in from New Haven, Boston, and Cornell and we cooked the feast ourselves! Oh wait. No. We ordered most of it. But we made the stuffing! From a box. We got pumpkin pie from Veniero’s and custard pie from Something Sweet. Turkey from Food Emporium. And we had a good time. Yes. That was the most important part. We had a good time :)

Well I’m going to go and clean out the rest of my room. There’s just so much stuff. I leave Hawaii in just over two weeks. A little sad. A bunch excited. A lot to pack.

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