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Okay. I Think I Got It.

September 16, 2007


I kept to my word about no food pictures as Shann and I had a pizza dinner at Rosario’s down in the LES last night, followed by a tiny truffle cookie at Something Sweet and warm black sesame drinks at Saint Alps. It felt strange, though nice, to enjoy food without photographing it. It also made me feel just a tad guilty, almost as if I was letting the food go to waste by not taking pictures, but rest assured, as none of the food went to waste…it went straight to my very content belly.

Today I did laundry at the laundromat down the street (a real laundromat, can you believe that?! hehe) and had my new dress tailored (our tailor lives right next door to the apartment!) And then I ate some really good $1 chow mein Shann brought back from Chinatown. As soon as she opened the noodles, I felt an urgent need to take a picture, but I stopped short of myself. After lunch we went to Whole Foods for the free wifi, as our internet won’t be installed until next week.

And then I checked this blog and read all your comments! You guys definitely had good points, and part of me still wants to take pictures. It’s like there’s a little mechanism in me that exists that goes, ‘must, must, must take PICTURES!!!!!!!” The funny part is that I totally have dinky, unprofessional pictures, so I’m surprised you guys like them that much! It makes me happy :)

And I thought, and thought, and went to Russ & Daughters for my most favorite chocolate babbka in the whole entire world (I am not kidding)……and then I made a mad dash to my apartment CAUSE I NEEDED THE CAMERA. Now I understand what an addiction feel like. It’s a good addiction I supposed, a strange one though. At least I’m not addicted to drugs or smoking…just food picture taking, bwhaahaha.

So I thought some more over babbka and kashi cereal with lots of honey on the side. And came to this conclusion: we’ll still have pictures, but not as many…do you think that’s fair? :)

Truth be told, pictures are half the fun of a food blog, and it made me just a little sad to see that last post with NO PICTURES. Let me know what you think :)


With that said, check out these awesome grilled cheese sandwiches Shann and I made the other day for a post-lunch, pre-dinner sort of meal.

Canadian oat bread, tomatoes, and nectarines (for dessert!) – all bought by Shann from the Greenmarket. I picked up the wedge of port salut from Whole Foods later in the afternoon.

Then comes the fun part! We cut super big fat slices of the dense, hearty, very filling loaf, smeared on horseradish cream cheese from Russ & Daughters, a layer of slices tomatoes and soooo much cheeeeese. Holy moley, it was the most exciting grilled cheese in the world. We never planned to add in the cream cheese, but I just bought a half pound yesterday and well…we got a lot of high quality cream cheese! We burnt the bottom side of the bread, but all the better cause it was super crispy, the buttery soft cheese melting into the tomatoes and sealing it all together.

Our real dinner came around 10pm later that night, when we walked well over 30 blocks to indulged in a horrific-ly delicious Shake Shack craving.

A Shake Shack burger for Shann, of which I happily took a bite. It’s an awesome creation indeed, but my heart remains with In-N-Out, where a just as satisfying product is offered at a lower price. They also grill the buttery buns till it’s all nice and crisp, something which remains wanting at Shake Shack.

And of course, would be silly enough to eat burger without fries? Short, fat crinkle cut fries, hot, crisp and salty, just as you’d expect. I liked my fries doused in pepper and dunked in a wee bit of ketchup. We were in the mood for caloric indulgence that evening and opted to upgrade for cheese fries. Though I have to say, the cheese was a slight overkill, given how much of the port salut we had consumed just hours ago in the grilled cheese sandwiches.

The Concrete Jungle: a peanut butter-chocolate-banana concrete creation for Shann…

…and a Pie-Oh-My concrete for myself. Vanilla custard with an entire slice of fresh blueberry pie whipped in at high speed. The towering crown of whipped cream was delicious, though oh-so unnecessary…I have the most terrible weakness for whipped cream. And while I prefer ones of the freshly whipped sort, perhaps sweetened just a tad, I’ll easily admit to loving cream right out of the can. Sigh. The best part was that the entire concrete was spotted with so many fresh blueberries. There was at least half a pint of blueberries…rather generous, don’t you say?

Since we’re on the subject of custards, I was totally at Shake Shack a few days prior to that visit. I wish the place was open year round and had a million different custard flavors. We all dream. I dream food. I went alone at 10pm for a double scoop of vanilla and blackberry. Shake Shack custards have a lovely, full mouth feel and go down oh-so-nicely, but I found the blackberry way too sweet, and somewhat candy-tasting. I’ll be back soon to try the salted caramel and sweet corn! :)

We did a lot of damage to our arteries and cholesterol level that night. But I went to sleep very happy, and only woke up with a slight stomach hangover the next morning (often occurs after consuming anything deep fried (eg. Fries, Doughnuts, Tempura) within two hours of sleeping.

I’m using Shann’s computer right now, so I need to get off soon – we’re leaving to dinner! I’m off tomorrow to Chicago for two weeks of JOB TRAINING. woohoo. The company is going to give me a new comp, which is kinda cool cause my Vaio totally just DIED without warning on me. The thing is, we’ll be locked in a convention hotel in a tiny city hours outside the city. I’ll be having breakfast, lunch AND dinner in the EXACT SAME ROOM EVERYDAY FOR TWO WEEKS! What will they feed us? I don’t know. Pray for me. And feel free to pull me out of the hotel and fly me to a delicious city!

I hope you liked this picture-ful post, I really like pictures too!! And I will continue to take them…just not as many. I’ll make sure you guys get to see the important/delicious stuff!

Sorry if there are a million spelling and/or grammar errors in the post. I’m writing it in quite a rush, I’m still responding to comments on the previous post, just give me a day or so – it’s so hard to blog with no computer or internet! :)

Shake Shack
nr. Madison Ave. at 23rd St.
New York, NY 10010
(212) 889-6600

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