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Numi Ruby Chai

May 25, 2007


When I’m feeling exhausted at work, I usually go down to the tearoom and order their Xanadu brand chai, but my sensitivity to caffeine (which seems to come and go) has made it difficult to continue this ritual. I really enjoy the Xanadu blend, as it is mildly reminiscent of the house blend of masala chai spices at my favorite Indian market. It is round and rich, and it can really reach out and grab those taste buds.

numirubychai.jpgI caved in, and tried the Numi Ruby Chai this week, and though I was really positive that I’d be disappointed, I am happy to report that I was utterly wrong. The rooibos does not overpower the spice with its nutty, vanilly essence. It just provides a solid, smooth foundation. The spice blend is perfect of sweetness and bite. With a dollop of cream and a packet of raw sugar, I almost have a replica of a caffeinated version, and the taste and aroma give me the psychological boost that I need – without the headache. And even though the Tearoom serves it in the bagged format, I can satisfy the snob in me, as it can be found loose on several retail sites.

I’m anxious to get back to a point where I can enjoy a good oolong or assam again. We have a Gongfu Girl author event planned for early June, and I’m determined to get in on that hot tea action. (Pun probably intended.)

* * *

I’ll take a moment during this brief post to make a little announcement: You might have noticed that we have a new Gongfu Girl, Kathryn. She had been posting notes about her tea experience in another Web community, and I invited her to join us here. I’m so glad she accepted!

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