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My Favorite Tea Jokes this Summer

August 23, 2014


Offering a teen’s perspective, fourteen-year-old Luke DeVille brings his unique insight to interesting tea topics. We’re glad to know teens enjoy tea and are happy to share his writings with you. I bet you have a few tea jokes yourself. If not, Luke’s just might spark your imagination.

(feel free to rank them on a scale of 1-9 for corniness!)

How long does it take to ship tea from China?
Oolong Time!

What kind of music do teapots like?

Why did the tea get away?
Because it was loose.

How does Moses make his tea?
Hebrews it.

What’s the difference between a tea bag and the England 2014 World Cup Soccer Team?
A tea bag stays in the cup longer.

What type of tea can sing religious songs?
Assam (a psalm…get it?)

What’s a desert nomad’s favorite type of tea?

What’s a teapot’s favorite folk tune?
O’ My Darjeeling Clementine!

What is a pirate’s favorite type of tea?

Some tea jokes I made up myself, some I found online at The Comedy Snooze, and some were from my Dad’s sense of humor!

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