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Moroccan Tea Service

June 02, 2015


17916072149_cff09979bd_cFound in Qatar, a Moroccan tea service at the Shisha Terrace.

How beautiful is this set? Picture this. Wednesday in May. Crazy hot outside. Cool in here. Good lighting, and an entire afternoon to myself. Men are smoking shisha in the lounge but I have a table off to the side, one with a clear view of the Arabian Gulf…

17914367368_acb51cb0f1_cHere comes tea, a set for one. Gunpowder base, and fistful of fresh spearmint leaves, so bright. And hot water.

17481740193_6dc4741fb7_cPour, pour…

18098850932_d25939096c_c…till you just rise just above the handle.

18103276061_d2c3b8a4db_cA spoonful of sugar if you desire…

18102274535_37d105535a_c…and sip away with sweets on your side. I have an insatiable love for Middle Eastern sweets…and the more I have, the more I crave. That’s ghorayebah on the left and baklava (with rosewater!) on the right.

18075814606_ddf3337da1_cWe’ll do another post soon on Middle Eastern sweets (and I’ll have find someone who can teach us how to make them all). Till then, plotting the next trip. How about we go to Egypt? Or Oman! ^-^

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