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Mochi Buns @ Good Morning Bakery

April 25, 2007


I know I’ve already written a lot on mochi buns from Chinese bakeries. But there’s just something about these creatures that set them apart from all other Asian pastries. I think I could eat one everyday and never bore of them. I’ve tried a good five or six mochi buns from different bakeries around the Rowland Heights and San Gabriel area. But you want to know a little secret? The best mochi buns are not to be found a Chinese or Japanese bakery, but this one tiny, gasp, Korean bakery with a one store in Rowland Heights and another in Diamond Bar.

My affair remains steady with Good Morning Bakery. While your eyes may wander to meringue longs, banana cake (in the shape of a banana too!), curry doughnuts and mini madelines, you must direct your eyes back, because there’s only one thing worth seeking out. Red Bean Mochi Buns.

What’s so special about them, you ask. Well, if you part with a mere $.80, you might experience something that’s far better than making out with drunk males on a Saturday night. Not that I do or anything! It’s gorgeous, this bun. And it’s different from all other mochi buns because it is FLAT. Like smashed down kind of flat. Whereas other buns are hollow inside with the mochi and mashed beans on the bottom, the tops here are sealed down so that there is no unnecessary air gap. It’s dense, but not rich so you can take it all in one go and not feel overwhelmed.

Here are the innards! I told you it was beautiful! Look at that, soft bread, the slightest bit crusty with a sprinkle of black and white sesame seeds, mashed azuki beans and addictively sticky, chewy mochi hugging it from either side. The three components just kinda meld so effortlessly into one another, this bun asks nothing more of you than to eat it. So hard not to love. The beans are barely sweetened, and while it’s a pastry, I wouldn’t classify it as dessert…go ahead and have two in a day! Have I really found bliss in a bun? You bet :)

Good Morning Bakery
18889 E. Colima Rd #A
Rowland Heights, Ca 91748
(626) 964-6002

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